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What Portraits In The Key Of Punk Rock Is All About

(Yep I know this is the same info as on the front page for now. Updated with some new info below.)

Portraits In The Key Of Punk Rock will be at least one book of candid photographic portraits, of Punk Rock musicians, taken by me, Patrick McLeod. This project is something that I am very passionate about and am going to see through to the end. The end being the publication of the book and donation of all proceeds of the book to charity. I already have a charity in mind and hope to announce who that charity is soon. I will be going to festivals and concerts to take the portraits and hopefully once things start rolling I won’t have to chase musicians down they will come to me. I am looking to include regionally, nationally and internationally known artists. I am shooting for a one volume edition, but if the interest is there it may turn into two volumes. I am currently investigating publishing options and actively seeking out sponsors to keep costs at a minimum. I also don’t aim to  personally go broke doing this. I will keep this space up to date with anything that is happening as well as Facebook and Google+, links over on the side.

Patrick McLeod
PKPR Photographer


Who Is Patrick McLeod? Just click on my name back there to the left and you will be taken to a post I made on my personal site a little while ago. I am me.

Proposal sheets for Portraits In The Key Of Punk Rock are here. Download the sheet for bands here Band Proposal Sheet and the sheet for Promoters here Promoter Proposal Sheet.