Why So Red

Here I have for you an example of what happens when a band performs with only red lighting. The top is straight out of my camera untouched and actually exposed properly for the amount of light. The problem here is that there is no other color lighting. A camera will catch all the lighting information available and the file can be adjusted later providing there is more than just one color light to work with. Red only and green only light cannot be adjusted to look natural, it can be made black and white and look okay, but not great. With all red or all green, detail that can normally be brought out in a photo is just not there.
As a photographer I hate this situation, I love detail, I love expression, I love the way a persons passion comes across in the effort you see on their faces when they sing, when they really belt it out.
Don’t get me wrong, I love black and white, I love grainy images, but not when that is all that is possible because someone chose to light only red.
Setting aside my feelings as a photographer, as a music lover and a person that loves to see live performances I hate red and green lights even more, by brain can’t convert that live performance to a more exposed, more detailed, black and white image.
I can’t speak for performers, but I would imagine it wouldn’t be too easy on them either. So really what gives? Why the Red lights? Unless your theme is murder, murder, death, death, blood, blood, die, die, a lonely single bare incandescent bulb hanging from the ceiling would be much better.

Red Light Bad Black and White Okay

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