Revealing Who’s Included

I have been struggling with this one since the beginning, do I reveal who has said yes to being in the book? Do I reveal who I’ve actually photographed for the book? I want the project to have merit of it’s own without relying on who you will see, to get peoples interest. I would have no problem if a band or musician believed felt so strongly about the project that they themselves came out publicly supporting it. I am not comfortable asking for endorsements from musicians though, but I do want publicity. I have become wedged between a rock and a hard place. I have had contact with numerous bands, but saying this gives you no information as to who and how well they are known. I can only say “trust me” so much. Part of me wants it all to be a surprise until the final book is off to print and part of me is scared that if I reveal people along the way they will get upset and pull their support.

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