Why is this all about?

So you find yourself thinking, what is this all about? Well let me be as clear as possible, this (Portraits In The Key Of Punk Rock) is the best thing ever. Or at least it will be when I’m finished. I say when I’m finished, because it’s just me a one man operation, I know I will have support along the way and I will always be more than willing to give credit where credit is due. For now I need to let you all know what I am doing, wanting, needing and looking to achieve.

Doing? Photographing Punk Rock musicians and putting those photos together in a book. Travelling to get the shots that I need (without going broke). Let me be clear that Portraits are more than just static head shots. Portraits can me colorful, dynamic and emotional.

Wanting and Needing? Access is key. As well as acceptance. I’m not looking to take advantage of anyone, I am looking to build trust. I want to photograph musicians performing, backstage (both pre and post performance), hanging out after a show (if they are so inclined to do so), practice sessions, in the recording studio, and just being regular people. I am looking for candid shots, spontaneous shots, not looking for posed or studio type shots. I also need sponsors and backers.

Looking to achieve? Something unique that hasn’t been done before, to my knowledge. An overall picture of what is happening right now and what came before and influenced today.

What's on your mind?