Taking Portraits In The Key Of Punk Rock on the Road

I have decided that in order to move Portraits In The Key Of Punk Rock further in the direction it needs to go, I need to hit the road. I am planning a series of mini and not so mini tours through the summer and into the fall. In order to fund these tours I am asking for financial help and have launched a GoFundMe campaign that you can visit and read more.

I have thus far mostly funded Portraits In The Key Of Punk Rock out of pocket and cannot continue that and still move forward and a respectable speed with the project. Believe me I would rather not ask people for money, but this is something I strongly believe in and I do need help to get the ball rolling faster. So please take the time to check out my GoFundMe page, give it a read and share it with your friends.  www.gofundme.com/pkprtour


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