The Dwarves, Turbonegro and Punk Rock Bowling

I haven’t said much here lately, so it’s about time I did. There are a couple of big shows coming up that I am going to be at. First up for me is show in Denver this coming Monday, The Dwarves and Turbonegro. Next  week for memorial day weekend will be the Punk Rock Bowling & Music Festival in Las Vegas. I have been working very hard contacting all the bands performing at Punk Rock Bowling and have had great success in hearing back from most of them. As you know, my goal with Portraits In The Key Of Punk Rock has been to include mostly candid photos and not as many concert photos. Getting permission from bands to shoot backstage at concerts and festivals is key to having the opportunity to get the shots that I want and to that end I have been able to do that quite successfully with Punk Rock Bowling. There are 27 bands performing at the festival and I have been able to get the ok from 24 of them so far.

My challenge moving forward will be getting the opportunity to photograph bands in non-concert situations, like rehearsals, recording sessions, and as many other settings as possible. I also have a dilemma when it comes to festivals that aren’t necessarily Punk Rock in nature, but include many Punk acts among other acts, gaining access to these events to just shoot the bands I want to has so far proved impossible. In order to gain access to events I need people to understand and support what I am trying to do with Portraits In The Key Of Punk Rock. I think I should expand on the last issues in a larger post, until then, spread the word about the website and the Indiegogo campaign. Thank you.  The Dwarves TurbonegroPunk Rock Bowling

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