We Really Love Little Kids Rock

You only get one chance to make a first impression and in that sense I think I may have failed. So this is my attempt to make a really good second impression. I was thinking about editing my previous post about Little Kids Rock, but then I thought I would be better off making a second post. You see I have very strong feelings about Little Kids Rock and what their mission is all about. Providing and encouraging music education to children is very important, crucial in fact. I remember the music classes I took in elementary school and it saddens me to know that some children do not have the same chance I did to discover the beauty in the experience of making music. While I did not continue my musical education, I may have if I had got to play the guitar instead of the saxophone, I would not want to take away any child’s chance to flourish as a result of discovering music. I am extremely happy to have the chance to raise money for Little Kids Rock and at the same time create something I feel is important and hopefully beautiful. What better than a book of musicians raising money for possible future musicians? So please follow me along on this wild ride and participate, if you like, in whatever way you can.

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